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By: Diane Pierce

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February 20th, 2018

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Your Pool Area in Texas

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From Mediterranean dwellings and modern architecture, to designs that exemplify the organic beauty of Mother Nature, there are countless options to choose from when decorating your outdoor entertainment space. While a pool that’s well-designed can be visually appealing on its own, framing your swimming area with some gorgeous, low-maintenance landscaping can really amplify your pool’s appearance. 

For our Texas neighbors out there, it’s possible to create a landscaping look that is inviting without your piggy bank squealing in protest. Whether you enjoy colors, patterns, and silhouettes that are in complete harmony or prefer the chaotic allure of competing textures and pigments, these easy landscaping ideas are sure to satisfy your home project sweet-tooth – and they’re inexpensive!


Groom your yard

You wouldn’t believe how much tidying up your current, unkempt yard can transform the entire look of your outdoor pool area. Not only does it require little to no investment money-wise, but you can turn the project into an afternoon of bonding, laughter, and fun with your family or friends. Here are some simple tips for sprucing up your yard: 

  1. Neatly trim the beds of your garden and yard. Overgrown shrubbery that resembles Count Olaf’s ominous abode in A Series of Unfortunate Events will certainly leave the neighborhood trembling in fright.         
  2. On a similar note, make a regular habit out of removing weeds from your potted plants and garden.         
  3. While Count Olaf would certainly be proud, avoid leaving dead plants and unwanted debris scattered around your yard. These should be removed on a regular basis to ensure your landscaping and pool areas are pristine (and the envy of your neighbors!)

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Border your pool with a colorful assortment of greenery

Create a perimeter around your swimming pool that is flush with a vibrant variety of flowers and plants. The added vegetation will act like a picture frame, accentuating the natural splendor of your pool. If you’re looking to save on costs, consider connecting with a friend or neighbor who has flowers you like and ask if you can have a couple bulbs or cuttings. To avoid re-planting your flowers each year, look for perennial breeds like Irises or Cut Leaf Daisies. 

Make a stone pathway

Create a stylish pathway that is both practical and affordable by assembling recycled paving stones from the steps of your deck or back door to the pool. Let your inner artist shine by creating chic geometric patterns or colorful designs. Because paving stones are flat and large, they’re pleasant beneath bare toes – just make sure you dig a square, shallow space for each piece so they are flush with the ground (your family’s stub-free toes will be sure to thank you). To elevate this look, add ground cover like creeping sedum, moss, or thyme between the stones for a low-maintenance, upscale effect. 

Introduce ornamental grass to your space

Using ornamental grass for landscaping around your pool area is the perfect way to design an elegant focal point for your space. Try placing them into a decorative pot and positioning it on your pool deck for a touch of artistic flair to an otherwise plain area. Ornamental grasses require minimal maintenance and will continue to flourish year over year if you keep them from dying over chillier winter months. 

If the price tag for a full-scale pool remodel has you running for the hills, fear not. These simple landscaping ideas require minimal maintenance, are easy on your bank account, and can vastly improve the appearance of your backyard pool area. 

About the Author

Authentic Plaster and tile was founded by Diane Pierce and her family 35 years ago in Texas. Their specialty ranges from simple remodels with pool surface, tile, coping to complete pool plastering project in Houston Texas by adding tan ledge, benches, water features and more. Also their own developed and manufactured pool surface material, Hydra Products, is warranted in-house and gives not only material warranty but also labor.