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By: The Brennan Team

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February 2nd, 2018

Centor vs. Weathertight - Folding Door Review

Centor Doors | folding doors | Weathertight

When you’re looking for folding doors for your home, it’s often hard to know which vendor to select - it’s so hard to look at your options without a direct, side-by-side comparison. Well, we’ve decided to make the search process a little easier! In this article, we compare Centor and Weathertight offerings directly, pointing you to the product that is best for your home.


1. Product Offerings

Each brand offers a unique selection of folding door types. Below, you'll find the product selection from each brand. For more product details, click the link.

Centor Weathertight
Aluminum Clad Fir
Thermal-Break Aluminum Aluminum Clad
  Custom Wood Species

2. Screen/Shades

One of the things that differentiates Centor from Weathertight (or any of the other folding door manufacturers) is that Centor offers an Integrated Insect Sreen/Privacy Shade. The screens & shades are built into the actual door unit so there is no need to install an aftermarket screen onto the door unit.

Centor Weathertight
Integrated Insect Screen No screen
Integrated Sun/Privacy Screen No screen

Centor Integrated Doors_01-1.jpg

3. Available Colors

Each brand and window type vary in which colors are available, both interior and exterior. 

Centor: Exterior Weathertight: Exterior
Centor offers a wide variety of standard color choices on their folding doors. If you would like to custom-color match the doors Centor offers this capability at no-charge however the color-matching process will extend the door lead time. Weathertight only offers colors on their aluminum-clad doors. The standard choices are white and bronze. Weathertight will custom-color match their doors for an additional fee. The fir & custom wood doors will come with raw/natural wood and the fiberglass doors come primed.

Centor Integrated Doors_32.jpg

Centor Integrated Door

4. Product Warranty

Both Centor and Weathertight want to prioritize one thing above all other: your satisfaction! That's why both vendors offer amazing warranties. However, it's important to know what is and is not covered under both vendor warranties.

Centor Warranty Coverage Weathertight Warranty Coverage
  • Door panels are warranted for 10 years against warp
  • Insulated glass is warranted for 10 years against seal failure
  • Hardware and Frame warranted for 10 years against failure
  • 5 year paint finish warranty
  • 5 year screen/shade warranty
  • Door panels are warranted for 10 years against warp
  • Insulated glass is warranted for 10 years against seal failure
  • Hardware and Frame warranted for 10 years against failure

5. Lead Time

When ordering folding doors, it's important to understand how quickly your product can be made available to you. In industry lingo, this is called lead time. Depending on the manufacturing process and distributor locations, this can vary. 

Centor Weathertight
7-10 week average lead time 6-8 week average lead time

 Centor Integrated Doors_08-1.jpg

Centor Integrated Door

6. Pricing

One thing to take into account when considering the pricing of these two products is the factory installed integrated screens & shades on the Centor Integrated door. The Centor doors may seem much more expensive up-front, however if you are planning on installing an aftermarket screen on your Weathertight door the overall final pricing becomes much closer between the two vendors.

Centor Weathertight
$$$-$$$$ $$-$$$
Average cost of $2,000 per-linear-foot for Centor Integrated Doors (includes installation) Average cost of  $1,000-$1,200 per-linear-foot for Weathertight Doors (includes installation)


After seeing some of the product information side-by-side, we hope it's easier to make your decision. If you have any further questions or inquiries about product offerings, we'd love to help - give us a call!